Is mobile banking safe?

More than 100 million Americans use mobile banking, enjoying the convenience of managing their finances from anywhere, at any time, with their mobile devices. Yet, many other people still haven't taken the plunge, put off by concerns about security. If that sounds like your frame of mind, then these safety insights and tips might help put you at ease and give you tactics to help ramp up your comfort level with mobile banking.

Steps for safety
In general, financial institutions, including Westfield Bank, are committed to protecting your personal financial information. That's why mobile banking applications typically incorporate multiple layers of security protocols, such as advanced encryption technology. However, it's also important for mobile banking users to be proactive in taking steps to minimize risk.

Consider these tips from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC):

  • Download a mobile banking app only from a reliable source.
  • Use only secure connections when managing your finances through the app. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks, such as those you'll find at the library, coffee shops, and so on.
  • Create strong passwords or PINs. Ideally, passwords should include a mix of upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols.
  • Take advantage of transaction alerts offered by the bank. This is smart even if you use traditional banking channels, since it can help you spot fraudulent activity on your accounts.

Anytime, anywhere convenience
Mobile banking has moved past being the next big trend to become an accepted, proven banking tool. And no wonder. Whether you're on a beach vacation, working through lunch, or sitting at home in your pajamas, mobile banking lets you keep up with your finances. Deposit checks, pay bills, check transactions, transfer funds and more - it's secure and simple with the My Westfield Bank app.

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