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Overdraft Protection

In this fast-paced world, it can be difficult to always keep track of your spending. Westfield Bank offers three overdraft protection options to ease this worry.

Savings Transfers

Automatically transfer funds from a second account – such as a savings or money market account – to cover insufficient funds in your primary account. You won’t pay any fees with exact transfer increments.

Line of Credit

Tap into your line of credit to take care of insufficient balances. This option requires credit approval, and you’ll pay an annual percentage rate on outstanding balances. Transfers will be made in $100 increments.

Courtesy Overdraft Protection

Take advantage of the standard overdraft protection that’s included with our checking accounts. With this discretionary program, we strive to pay your checks and automatic withdrawals when you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover transactions. A $35 overdraft fee applies each this time occurs.

The courtesy overdraft protection covers checks, ACH transactions, automatic withdrawals, and recurring debit card transactions. If you to want to include one-time debit card transactions, you’ll need to opt-in for this service. To opt-in, please either:

  • Print and mail a completed opt-in form
  • Call 800.368.8930
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