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Board of Directors

Picture of Bob Berry Picture of Gary Clark

Bob Berry

Gary Clark

Attorney, Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd. Retired, Chairman & CEO, Signal Bank
Board Member Since: 2017 Board Member Since: 2002


Picture of Ed Eliopoulos Picture of Kathy Golovan

Ed Eliopoulos

Kathy Golovan

Retired, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young Chief Health Officer & Executive Vice President, Medical Mutual
Board Member Since: 2017 Board Member Since: 2015


Picture of Nancy Heinen Picture of Michael Jeans

Nancy Heinen

Michael Jeans

Retired, Vice President Marketing, BP, p.l.c. President & CEO, Growth Opportunity Partners
Board Member Since: 2007 Board Member Since: 2016


Picture of Tony Manna Picture of Jon Park

Tony Manna

Jon Park

Chairman, Signet Enterprises, LLC Chairman, CEO, President, Westfield Bank
Board Member Since: 2004 Board Member Since: 2000


Picture of Chuck Rotuno Picture of Jeff Walters

Chuck Rotuno

Jeff Walters

Chairman & CEO, OEConnection Managing Director, CBIZ MHM, LLC
Board Member Since: 2015 Board Member Since: 2016