About Sharing Knowledge Series

Westfield Bank’s Sharing Knowledge Series is a video and podcast series that brings you insights on banking from the perspective of business owners, insurance agents, and individuals from all backgrounds with the same passion for the pursuit of financial freedom.

Each episode, host Kevin Vonderau is joined by an industry expert as well as a Westfield Bank customer. Together, they’ll exchange ideas, highlight best practices, and address top business challenges to help you succeed.

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About Sharing Knowledge Series

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About Westfield Bank

Since its founding in 2001, Westfield Bank has become one of the leading financial institutions in Northeast Ohio. Westfield Bank provides comprehensive personal, business, and agency banking products and services. Supported by Westfield Insurance, one of the nation’s 50 largest property and casualty insurance groups, Westfield Bank has grown to manage more than $1.8 billion in assets. The group’s motto — Sharing Knowledge. Building Trust. — is lived out each day by employees.