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Compare Treasury Management Tools

Make managing your cash flow simpler and faster – no matter where you’re located. Choose from a comprehensive line of services that can help your business experience greater control, efficiency, and security.

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  1. Reduce expenses
  2. Enhance payment control
  3. Improve cash flow

Electronically send and receive funds for faster disbursements and collections. New same-day credit transfer capability available up to $25,000!


  1. Gain better flexibility and control over your capital
  2. Simplify your money management
  3. Use with business or personal accounts

Move funds online between your Westfield Bank accounts in seconds.


  1. Save time
  2. Avoid writing checks
  3. Use with single or recurring payments

Easily send online payments to businesses or individuals anywhere in the country.


  1. Enhance your security
  2. Receive early warnings about suspicious activity
  3. Stop unauthorized transactions before posting

Reduce check fraud by automatically matching your checking information with checks presented for payment against your account.

Deposit Capture

  1. Eliminate trips to a Westfield Bank location or ATM
  2. Reduce deposit preparation time
  3. Extend deposit hours

Securely scan checks for deposit directly from your office or home computer at any time.


  1. Maximize your available capital
  2. Avoid overdrafts
  3. Enhance cash flow

Automatically transfer funds between accounts to cover drawdowns.


  1. Transfer funds securely between financial institutions
  2. Use with repetitive or non-repetitive wires
  3. Get immediate notifications of payments

Send and receive funds globally in real-time.