Treasury management banking tools

Managing your cash flow is faster and even more convenient through our treasury management services. We make it simple to automate payments on bills and collections, forecast and optimize your cash flow, and move funds between accounts in seconds.



Reducing float times, manual data entry errors, and costs, our ACH Collections provides payment and receivable services. Experience the convenience of electronically sending funds for faster disbursements as well as collecting invoice payments or monthly fees by scheduling collections online.

  • Our ACH transactions are processed under Dual Control
  • Same day ACH transfers are available up to $100,000
  • Same day cut-off time is 12:00 PM (EST)
  • For next-day transfers, cut-off time is 4:00 PM (EST)
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Account Transfers

Flexibly and efficiently move and transfer funds online between your Westfield Bank business or personal accounts in seconds. With greater ease of access and a simplified process, your business can manage its money from anywhere.

  • Transfer immediately
  • Schedule a future one-time transfer
  • Schedule recurring transfers
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Account Transfers
Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Managing and paying bills with Bill Pay through our mobile app and online banking saves you time and increases cash flow efficiencies. With services to schedule recurring payments, set reminders, and search your payees, your business can send and receive funds from anywhere in the country.

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Positive Pay

As an added security measure to reduce check fraud, Positive Pay Services automatically match your check information with checks presented for payment against your account.

Check Positive Pay matches each check’s information presented against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by your company.

ACH Positive Pay compares identifying information within an ACH debit transaction attempting to clear your account against a list of ACH debits previously authorized and issued by your company.

  • Receive early warnings about suspicious activity
  • Stop unauthorized transactions before posting
  • Exception decision cut-off time is 10:00 AM (EST)
  • Get a 90-day summary of transaction activity
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Positive Pay
Remote deposit capture

Remote deposit capture

Conveniently scan checks for deposit from your office or home computer at any time. Allowing you to deposit checks from anywhere, our single-feed and multi-feed remote deposit scanners save you time and a trip to the bank.

  • Funds are available next business day
  • Secure reporting and check deposit imaging capabilities available
  • End of day cut-off time is 5:00 PM (EST)
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Sweep accounts

Automatically transfer excess funds from your checking account by setting up a money market or line of credit sweep account.

Our FDIC insured money market accounts offer a sweep option to transfer your excess funds to a higher interest-earning account to help grow your balance.

Our line of credit sweep allows you to securely move money between your checking account and your line of credit and automatically transfer funds to pay down your line of credit balance with ease.


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Sweep accounts
Wire service

Wire service

Receive and securely send funds globally in real-time between financial institutions with repetitive or non-repetitive wires, while receiving notifications of payments. In addition to in-branch services, Westfield Bank’s online banking capabilities provide the power to initiate, approve or release a wire transfer, while enjoying timely and more convenient solutions integrated through Online Banking.

Safely and securely send a wire with Westfield Bank:

  • Online with a secure dual control feature
  • In person at a branch by completing a wire request form
  • Secure fax and proof of ID with a previously provided PIN
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