Westfield Bank company culture

We have been recognized as a great place to work because we have a company culture focused on you, the employee. We care about your career, your wellness, your achievement, and your satisfaction.

Our company culture is reflective of what we value most:

  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Opportunity for your professional growth and development
  • Support for your community involvement
  • Recognition of your hard work and success
  • Promotion of your work-life balance

Our values are reflected in a long record of stability. We are strong enough to stand the test of time. Since the fall of 2009, Westfield Bank has consistently earned a 5-star rating from BauerFinancial, a leading, independent firm that has been rating banks and credit unions since 1983.  The 5-star designation is the highest award given by BauerFinancial and signifies that a bank is considered one of the strongest financial institutions in the country.

Since our founding in 2001, we’ve put our focus on building careers – not just jobs.

Our desire is to prepare you for new challenges as our company continues to grow. We value you as someone who knows how to innovate, elevates ideas, and seeks opportunities in a changing world.

Professional development opportunities

As our company continues to grow, we want our employees to be prepared for new challenges and assignments. We are committed to making sure the right person is in the right role so that each team member has the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career and achieve success.

Our professional development opportunities include:

  • Education reimbursement – providing outside learning opportunities through formal education
  • American Bankers Association online courses – providing opportunity to build knowledge and skills throughout our organization

Community involvement

Westfield Bank's legacy of caring has been a part of our culture since the beginning. Today, our commitment to be a good corporate citizen is an extension of the fundamental role that banking plays in ensuring stability for families, businesses, and communities in times of uncertainty. We work closely with our employees and partners to address the needs of the communities where we do business. We offer the opportunity to participate in corporate-sponsored volunteer opportunities during traditional business hours. 

Recognition of your success

We know that recognition for hard work makes employees feel valued. We have a variety of ways you can earn kudos from the company and from your peers, including:

  • Recognition for service anniversary milestones 
  • The opportunity for employees to recognize their fellow coworkers

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is part of a rewarding career with Westfield Bank. We understand how this balance can enable employees to feel improvements in health and well-being and lead to a happier, less stressed outlook on life.  

We are proud to offer competitive benefits and wellness programs to keep you happy and healthy.