We are committed to investing in the future by offering opportunities for students and graduates to learn real world experience through internships and work programs.

Work programs for students

We are committed to developing the workforce of tomorrow by offering work programs and internships for students and graduates, providing real world experience in a variety of contexts within our business.

In a survey, 96 percent of interns said they would consider Westfield Bank for employment after graduation.

Intern program

Still in school but ready to kick-start your career? Our internship program is perfect for ambitious students looking to gain valuable hands-on experience that will not only build your resume but will also expand your career possibilities after graduation. Our program is structured to give students, ranging from rising college sophomores to masters’ candidates, unique experiences tailored to their year in school. Through these experiences you’ll build a foundation on which to further your career.

As an intern, you will receive a robust experience including:

  • Meaningful job-specific projects
  • Formal and informal events with our leadership team
  • Volunteer opportunities within local communities
  • Specific trainings and lunch-and-learns with industry experts
  • Real-time performance evaluations
  • Shadowing opportunities to see areas outside of your internship focus

Each year we strive to provide a best-in-class internship experience. We are an organization who believes your success is our success. 

Candidate recruitment begins in early September. We typically hire rising sophomores through rising seniors. There are also numerous positions available for masters’ level students in between their first and second year. Our goal is to have all internship positions filled by the end of the calendar year.

College students participating in the internship program benefit from a variety of educational opportunities designed to help them succeed in their desired field including training, mentoring, job shadowing, networking activities, and performance management. Through our internships, we allow you to showcase your academic talent and help guide you in setting achievable career aspirations. We want to best use the talents and energy of our interns and work together to help build relationships with future business leaders.

Our internship program is designed to:

  • Build a pipeline of talent for future staffing needs
  • Provide interns with challenging assignments and opportunities
  • Develop interns’ skills while helping to meet department goals
  • Build strong relationships with our interns

Paid internship opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Accounting 
  • Credit 
  • Facilities 
  • Human resources 
  • Indirect auto 
  • Information technology
  • Legal 
  • Marketing
  • Sales 
    • Agency banking 
    • Business banking 
    • Indirect auto 
    • Retail 
    • Mortgage 
    • Private banking 
  • Operations 
  • Risk