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Meet Our Team

Picture of Elizabeth Bickel, Client Service Team Lead - Akron Picture of Jamie Cleveland, Mortgage Loan Originator - Medina

Elizabeth Bickel

Jamie Cleveland

Client Service Team Lead - Akron Mortgage Loan Originator - Medina
NMLS #1095066 NMLS #186194
Email | LinkedIn Email
330.668.6410 330.764.6088


Picture of Michelle Evans, Retail Manager - Westfield Center Picture of Kathy Golem, Client Service Team Lead - Brecksville

Michelle Evans

Kathy Golem

AVP, Retail Manager - Westfield Center AVP, Retail Manager - Brecksville
NMLS #1460020 NMLS #1594402
Email Email
330.661.6083 440.746.8184


Picture of Marten Granger, VP Private Banker - Akron

Marten Granger

Melissa Haber

VP, Private Banker - Akron VP, Private Banker - Brecksville
NMLS #1566547 NMLS #480608
Email | LinkedIn Email | LinkedIn
330.668.6409 330.746.8162


Picture of Jacki Hudnall, Mortgage Loan Originator - Akron Picture of Jean Letterly, Mortgage Loan Advisor - Westfield Center/Medina

Jacki Hudnall

Jean Letterly

Mortgage Loan Originator - Akron Mortgage Loan Advisor - Westfield Center/Medina/Wooster
NMLS #1170008 NMLS #696100
Email | LinkedIn Email | LinkedIn
330.668.6408 330.661.6077


Picture of Neil Lindgren, Retail Manager - Cuyahoga Falls Picture of Peter Malizia, Mortgage Loan Originator - Brecksville

Neil Lindgren

Peter Malizia, III

AVP, Retail Manager - Cuyahoga Falls Mortgage Loan Originator - Brecksville
NMLS #711445 NMLS #161760
Email | LinkedIn Email
330.319.2605 440.746.8183


Picture of Kimberly Miller, VP Private Banker - Medina Picture of Cheryl Murrin, Retail Manager - Medina

Kimberly Bolas Miller

Cheryl Murrin

VP, Private Banker - Medina AVP, Retail Manager - Medina
NMLS #639603 NMLS #1365194
Email | LinkedIn Email | LinkedIn
330.764.6097 330.764.6091


Picture of Raquel Raderchak, Retail Manager - Canton

Michael Oster

Raquel Raderchak

Mortgage Loan Originator - Cuyahoga Falls AVP, Retail Manager - Canton 
NMLS #1670045 NMLS #680960
Email Email
330.319.2542 330.493.5149


Picture of Chris Seeley, Mortgage Loan Originator - Canton/Wooster Picture of Julie Vega, Mortgage Loan Originator - Akron/Canton/Wooster

Chris Seeley

Julie Vega

Mortgage Loan Originator - Canton/Wooster Mortgage Loan Originator - Akron/Canton/Wooster
NMLS #510214 NMLS #595805
Email | LinkedIn Email | LinkedIn
330.493.5145 330.668.6406