Positive Pay

Decrease the threat of check fraud while simplifying your account reconciliation.

Positive Pay enables you to send an electronic file daily with information about checks issued by your company, and then instantly compares this information to checks presented for payment against your account.

If suspicious activity occurs, you’ll receive an alert so you can review the discrepancy, and stop unauthorized transactions before posting. Besides boosting your security, this automates your account reconciliation for faster, easier processing.

Our Payee Match technology offers an additional layer of security by comparing the check number, the check amount, AND the payee against the list of payees issued by your business.

Another feature, Reverse Positive Pay, reviews all prior day checks that were presented for payment by your business. To stay ahead of any fraudulent activity, such as altered or fraudulent checks, our team will provide your business the check detail information, dollar amount, and digital check image each business day. This allows you to easily and frequently monitor your account for any suspicious check activity.

For more information or to begin using Positive Pay, please call 800.368.8930 or visit a nearby location.