Advancing your agency: Leveraging your bank’s trusted network

Networking is not only key for personal growth, but also important for your agency’s development. It’s an investment in people, which cannot be reflected in balance sheets, but it is often one of the most valuable assets for a growing agency and one that can be significantly improved by your bank. 

How can banks help grow your network?

Through deep relationships built on trust and confidence, banks create networks and connections with the agencies and businesses they serve. Banks like ours create value for customers by serving as a common thread, connecting and sharing expertise with business leaders through video and podcast series, events, webinars, etc., to create value for their customers.  

In the same way, banks create valuable opportunities for their customers to network with one another, providing connections to thought leaders that are critical to your agency.

Why should your agency leverage your bank’s network?

Grow your network: Leverage new opportunities, enhanced knowledge & visibility through your bank's network.

  1. New opportunities

    Introductions between mutual parties with equivalent interests can lead to being better positioned in the marketplace and introduce new business opportunities. Networking is most effective when introductions are thoughtfully selected, leading to more meaningful connections. Having a bank that you can trust to know your interests can help tailor networking introductions. 

    These introductions can often lead to warm business referrals, so it’s important to keep good company. Simply put, if you have the reputation of maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships, people will be more open to inviting you into new circles, making more introductions, or embarking on a business opportunity with you. 
  2. Enhanced knowledge

    Networking can also be a great opportunity to tap into advice and expertise that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Specific insights from an informed connection initiated by your bank can be a contributing factor in a decision made for your agency. 

    Promoting your agency’s longevity, your bank, and its network connections can provide you with true expertise to help your book of business grow, relevant resources and insights, and empower your agency for the future. 
  3. Visibility

    Making yourself present, available, and visible to other business leaders (and possible connections) at networking events through a mutual connection, like your bank, and social media, such as LinkedIn, is of the utmost importance when growing your agency. That’s because being visible and being seen with the right people goes hand-in-hand with your standing in your industry.   

    While building your reputation as a reliable source of knowledge, networking may also give your agency significant advantages. It may support lead generation and referrals by ensuring you are top of mind when business leaders require insurance services. 

We serve as a common thread, connecting and sharing expertise with business leaders

At Westfield Bank, we prioritize building engaging partnerships with and between our customers. We exchange knowledge and expertise with one another through video and podcast series, articles, and by hosting networking events throughout Northeast Ohio that connect over 1,000 customers, business leaders, and centers of influence to help grow your network. 

Connect with your banker to start building your network.