Investing your agency profit sharing check

Coming off a year of hard work and success, we hope that your agency has been rewarded with a well-deserved profit-sharing check. With this check in hand, consider investing these earnings to make the money work for you.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your profit-sharing check and keep your agency thriving.


make the most


Invest in your employees 

Investing in your employees directly correlates to the growth and success of your agency. This investment could be anything from giving out bonuses, offering educational courses, or upgrading office furniture equipment that your workers will benefit from. Making your employees feel valued will help you attract top talent if you are looking to expand your team.

Pay off or down debt 

Debt is one of the main obstacles that can hold back an agency or business from reaching its full potential. The influx of cash from a profit-sharing check can be the perfect time to address any debt on your books. Take this as an opportunity to assess your debt situation, the good and the bad. Consider paying down or, better yet, paying off debt to allow for greater cash flow, and to increase your net value and overall profitability. 

Launch a new marketing campaign 

Have you or your employees had any new marketing ideas in the past that you haven’t been able to act on? Have you been putting off tasks like updating your agency’s website or creating a newsletter? If you’ve been looking for ways to connect better or more frequently with existing or prospective clients, now might be the time to put some money behind your marketing efforts to expand on your agency’s success. By bolstering your digital marketing efforts with your profit-sharing check, you’ll be making your reach and money go further.

Invest in your technology systems

Efficiency is critical to the success of your agency. Whether it’s making sure the computers at your office are up to date with the latest tools and software upgrades or investing in new automated technologies to reduce busywork, put your profit-sharing check towards keeping your agency competitive in a 21st century economy. Following best cybersecurity practices is also critical yet is often overlooked. Ensuring that your agency prioritizes online security can come with costs, such as paying for security upgrades or training employees. 

Grow your savings account

The best way to use your agency profit-sharing check doesn’t necessarily involve spending it on something right away. It’s always good to have enough cash saved to cover typical expenses for at least a few months for the inevitable rainy days or when something unexpected occurs in the market. By putting this money aside now, you can save it for any future acquisition plans your agency might have. Whether your agency is simply looking to have capital available to cover upcoming expenses or you’re looking to expand, saving your profit-sharing check in the short term can keep you on track in the months and years ahead.

Use towards an acquisition, book purchase, or hiring a producer

If you are interested in acquiring another agency, a book of business, or expanding your production team, the additional liquidity can help achieve that.  Having a down payment on a deal can help make borrowing more affordable.

Get in touch with our agency banking team today to discuss these or additional ways to invest your profit-sharing check this year.