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The background:

In 1996, Nivine El-Refai moved from Cairo, Egypt to Medina, Ohio, where she graduated from Case Western Reserve University and opened her dental practice, Endodontist. After working with Westfield Bank through the years on a small business loan as well as other transactions, Nivine turned to Westfield Bank when it was time to refinance her home loan for a Private Banking experience that supported her unique needs with exclusive services and personalized financial guidance. 

The challenge:

“I was previously working with the bank that issued my home loan, but dealing with them was a challenge,” says El-Refai. 

Additionally, El-Refai was paying for flood zone insurance, which was not necessary for her location.

“My loan officer at another bank never disclosed that I was mistakenly paying for flood zone insurance. I live on a lake that’s controlled by a dam, so it couldn’t really flood,” notes El-Refai. “It was actually a loan officer at Westfield Bank that brought it to my attention.”  

Throughout her interactions with a bank El-Refai was working with, it became clear that they were not able to provide the individualized attention and care that she needed.

Our solution:

Partnering with El-Refai to meet her unique needs throughout her home loan refinance, Westfield Bank assisted El-Refai to remove the flood zone placement and utilize better terms for a home loan, which were available to her as a Private Banking customer. 

“A loan officer at Westfield Bank approached me and directed me to FEMA. It took three or four months of paperwork back and forth, but Westfield Bank guided me through the entire time, even coordinating with a surveyor,” recalls El-Refai.

Once the flood zoning was removed from El-Refai’s home, Westfield Bank structured a home loan refinance with a better rate that worked for her. 

“Westfield Bank was my resource as I refinanced my home loan. They were open, honest, and treated me as if I were one of them,” states El-Refai.

At Westfield Bank, we recognize you have sophisticated financial requirements. Westfield Private Banking provides a distinct library of resources and tools that allow us to focus on objectives as unique as you. Financial plans are achieved with personalized services that are supported by a relevant assortment of premium financial management solutions. 

Access to lending discounts, competitive rates on large primary and secondary residential mortgage loans, and elite special events are a testament to the valued relationship we will forge together. You will work with a banking professional who understands your goals and offers expertise that extends beyond traditional banking services.

Discover your better banking experience with a Private Banking option.