Simplifying your life with digital banking

Meeting the demands of everyday life, from meetings to grocery shopping to pick-ups and drop-offs, can be overwhelming. We all want to simplify our lives, so we can spend more of our time doing the things we want to do, versus what we have to do. Less work, and more time for living. 

Searching for “life hacks,” or clever tips, techniques, and shortcuts to make tasks just a bit easier is a great way to speed up the process. This often starts with using new tools to solve a problem or existing tools that you forgot that you had in your toolbox. When it comes to banking, especially at Westfield Bank, there seem to be endless online and mobile banking solutions to simplify your life. This starts with:

Access convenience

Access: Convenience anywhere, everywhere

Using your mobile phone, or tablet, you can take Westfield Bank with you and manage your money with the My Westfield Bank app. Enjoy 24-hour banking at your fingertips. 

Additionally, our Deposit Automation ATMs provide you with convenient access to your funds and deposit capabilities at any time and any day – along with greater security.

Efficiency: Fast, real-time response

With real-time connectivity, digital banking makes it easier for you to complete your banking transactions faster. Want to access your bank account? Monitor your expenses? Transfer money? You can do all of it online or from the mobile app without having to wait.

Connections: Simple ways to pay multiple bills

Using online banking, you can also set up online bill pay to centralize and automate payments into and out of your account. This minimizes the need for writing checks or filling out forms to pay bills. 

Visibility: A global perspective of your bank accounts

As we complete more transaction online, it’s important to have the peace of mind that your accounts and information is safe and secure. With online banking, you are able to monitor, track, and control transactions into and out of your account. Additionally, the online and mobile banking solutions from Westfield Bank offer extensive security and safety alerts to protect your funds. Learn more about ways to protect your accounts.

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