Looking back at our 2023 most-read banking content for agencies

Happy New Year from Westfield Bank! Before we shift gears into 2024, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on the eventful year behind us. 

Top Agency Banking Articles of 2023

What was on your mind as an insurance agency leader in 2023? Last year’s economic headlines were dominated by the high-interest rate environment and lingering inflation, the fallout felt at home as a result of global conflict, and how technological advances can help (and hinder) business growth in all industries.

Let’s look back at the content that our agency banking customers found the most helpful last year. Which of these articles are the most relevant to your agency?

  1. Premium financing
    Learn the ins and outs of premium financing, so both your agency and your clients can benefit from competitive rates, flexible payment options, and greater cash flow and liquidity for both parties. Ready to develop a customized premium finance program to best meet the needs of your commercial clients and agency? Then this article is for you.
  2. Protecting your agency from fraud
    Insurance agents understand the importance of loss prevention as well as anyone. But how has the rising threat of fraud evolved with the latest technological advances? Given that over 70 percent of organizations reported being the target of some form of business fraud in 2021, we know that it’s as important as ever to ensure businesses are utilizing best and latest cybersecurity practices. What steps have you taken to protect your agency and its most valuable assets from fraud?
  3. Empowering your agency
    Mike Wagar, our SVP, agency banking & specialty lines leader, leads Westfield Bank’s experienced agency banking team and knows what it takes to meaningfully empower agencies like yours. Mike offers his top six tips for agency owners to consider as you gear up growth.

No matter the size of your agency or the challenges you’re facing, we are here to serve as a collaborative partner to deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Ready to start banking better in 2024? Experience a bank that understands insurance.