Looking back at our most read business banking content of 2023

Happy New Year from Westfield Bank! Before we shift gears into 2024, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on the eventful year behind us. 

Top Business Banking Articles of 2023

What was on your mind as a business owner in 2023? Last year’s economic headlines were dominated by the high-interest rate environment and lingering inflation, the fallout felt at home as a result of global conflict, and how technological advances can help (and hinder) business growth in all industries.

Let’s look back at the content that our business customers found the most helpful last year. Which of these articles are the most relevant to your business?

  1. Growing your business
    The 23rd episode of the Sharing Knowledge Series featured an expert discussion about the important role advisors play in growing your business. Regardless of what stage your business is at - from getting a business idea off the ground to retirement - the support team around you can make all the difference. It’s agreed that business owners have significant anxiety even during the best of economic times - so why not have people with your best interest in your corner?
  2. Banking advice for solopreneurs 
    Starting your own business is a tall task, especially if you’re the only employee. If this is you, you might be known as a “solopreneur.” A 2019 report found that over 80 percent of small business owners have no employees under them, inevitably leading to challenges keeping up with day-to-day tasks. We explored some best practices to help solopreneurs stay on top of best business banking practices in this position.  
  3. Protecting your business from fraud
    The rise of AI and other technological advancements comes with great potential for business, but there’s always another side of the story. Given that over 70 percent of organizations reported being the target of some form of business fraud in 2021, it’s as important as ever to ensure business owners and employees are utilizing best and latest cybersecurity practices - this article is a guide for your business to do just that.

No matter the size of your business or the challenges you’re facing, we are here to serve as a collaborative partner to deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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