Looking back at our 2023 most-read banking content for investment advisors

Happy New Year from Westfield Bank! Before we shift gears into 2024, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on the eventful year behind us. 

Top Investment Articles of 2023

What was on your mind as an investment advisor in 2023? Last year’s economic headlines were dominated by the high-interest rate environment and lingering inflation, the fallout felt at home as a result of global conflict, and how technological advances can help (and hinder) business growth in all industries.

Let’s look back at the content that our investment advisory customers found the most helpful last year. Which of these articles are the most relevant to your firm?

  1. Protecting your firm from fraud
    Before dismissing the threat of fraud to your firm, consider that over 70 percent of organizations were victims of some form of fraud in 2021. The good news is that there are plenty of effective steps your firm can- and should- take to prevent a devastating loss at the hands of cyber criminals. What fraud prevention practices has your firm implemented?
  2. Knowing the value of your firm
    You’ve built your career by prioritizing the financial success of your clients. Have you put this same attention to the financial standing of your firm as well? There’s a range of considerations that factor into calculating the true value of your firm, which affects your stock prices and internal perpetuation. This article helps you understand all the factors that go into your firm’s valuation and what best practices you can follow. 
  3. How can investment advisors build their customer’s confidence?
    Confidence can be hard to come by amid economic uncertainties, geopolitical conflict, and other major world events. That’s why right now, it’s as important as ever to focus on the confidence of your customers. Here are some steps you can take as an investment advisor to restore and build confidence during challenging times. 

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